Friday, August 21, 2009

Pass test ngn JPJ...he2

Exam, test...are very synonim with students in school.
( no matter what kind of school:including driving school)
Associated feelings are nervous, excited, wondering, scared, bla bla bla..all the other -ve thought.
I just got my licence for motorcycle n car today..hehe
happy2 !!
It is worth for me coz i've been practicing for 5 days with lots of -ve thinking.
At first i'm very sure that i'm not gonna pass it coz everybody arrounds me said so :(
Then i became very pesimist, silent n crying all alone.."can i do this?"
I know that some will say there's nothing to be scared about it, but it is for me.
Luckly, one or two days before the test day, most of my frenz wishing me best of luck n some said " aku yakin ngn ko " , "wat leklok " n don't care about others.
Practised the theory n be CONFIDENT.
Thanks frenz, luv all of u so much!!
eventhough it was just a simple sentences, it boosts my confident level.
And also thank to my teachers: i got 2 persons who teached me on how to drive.
May Allah bless u guys n i'll never forget all ur teaching n tips.Thnks again En Azam n his son Wan..(gud luck n hv a happy life at AIR-FORCE this November!! hehe)
p/s: teachers, no matter who they are; younger than you, older than you, ugly, handsome or beautiful, or
no matter what they teach you,they still our teachers..
then you'll get berkat n lulus test..hehe InsyaAllah.


  1. >...En Azam n his son Wan.....<
    wah.. dua cg nmpk..
    mmg bangga cg ko dpt ank murid cam ko...hahhaha

  2. jgn marah...cik blogger...
    a rose 4 you...
    congrates..lepas ni bole bw aku naik minah pnye motor la...
    minaah.jgn marah...

  3. hehe,besela ak..dlam trek ank ye ajr, jln ry bpk ye lak..
    psl moto, bolela kite rembat moto minah..hehe

  4. blog mu ni pizah tak dok gambar . bubuhlah gambar baru lah ado seri. kadang2 gambar ni bulih mencetuskan keriangan\ keinsafan kpd penonton. walau apapun teruskan berblog ...... meriahkan dunia blog .

  5. tok taw nok buh gambar gapo la.
    kito xdok gambar pokok po a.Zul haha...

  6. eeee seiiieeer kembang pipi,naik loyo tengok gambar gigi . takdok ko gambar gigi hok come supo iklan colgate dlm tv.

  7. tu br ckit..igt nok buh lg ari tuh
    nanti gigi come dlm post kito seterusnya tntg cara2 nk jg gg.kite xde masa nk tls lg ni..